Revision log

Each revised version is noted here with some comment about what is changed. Enough revisons, take me to the good stuff.

01-08-10 A broken link fix: Thanks to Gloria Mitchell.

07-01-03 Put in pointer to Final Trip Report. Revised tentative schedule to something like the real schedule. Ditto companions list. This the final update.

05/31/03 Due to unforseen circumstances, the previous update now becomes the penultimate update. Schedule is updated to reflect hiatus in South Bend, IN for transmission repair. Update companions list.

04/27/03 Update companions list. Update schedule. Update on car. Update the Coalinga to Benicia leg to pick up Amelia in Sacramento. Include link to the forthcoming reports page.

04/13/04 Update companions list. Update sights and interesting things. Update on car.

04/10/03 Update Cincinnati to Chicago map. Put dates on schedule and companion list. Put link to schedule and companion list up front. This revision may be the penultimate one (good thing I like that word - another chance to use it - next time I use it it will be on the final pretrip revision, saying the previous revision was it).

04/08/03 Update and pictures on car preparation. Update schedule slightly and update the companion file. Probably the penultimate update before the trip.

03/30/03 Update and pictures on car preparation.

03/23/03 Update and pictures on car preparation. Minor schedule revision.

03/16/03 Corrections and changes to schedule; eliminate Monterey stop and update trip home from Santa Monica. Firm date of May 2 for beginning of trip. Added some pictures and update on car preparation.

03/03/03 Had to get this date on file. Simplified the way I'm doing certain things with the html files; no substantive changes.

03/01/03 Put in option of going all the way to Ocean City, adding 4 days to length of trip. Revise stop on day 22 (definitely stop by Studebaker National Museum).

02/27/03 Very minor revisions in wording and one or two other things. Added Car Talk link. More on car prep. Revise things to do on tentative schedule. Will do fewer inline updates, adding paragraphs instead.

02/25/03 Include Tentative Schedule now including Chicago to Santa Monica; include preliminary companion list.

02/24/03 Revise schedule by a day in St. Louis; add information on car refurbishing in the "preparations" section; link to; route maps for Chicago to Santa Monica on as much of Route 66 as I could find (more or less), with driving instructions; update maps for earlier part of trip to include driving instructions.

01/20/03 Changes in route from Grand Junction to Kansas City, Cincinnati to Chicago, and realignment of the maps because of "too many markers". First posting of a tentative partial schedule.

01/02/03 Link to Layson's Restorations added. A few minor corrections and polishing. Roadfood link added.

11/13/02 Add pointers to Route 66 directions for each state. Add Cincinnati to Ocean City, and Ocean City to Chicago maps. Link to Roadside America. All links now open in a different window.

11/10/02 Minor corrections and polishing. Some additional prose on what I'd like to see and do along the way. First maps showing route from Talent to Cincinnati, OH.

10/30/02 First day put on web.

Richard Franke