These pictures posted during 2009

Posted 12-05-09, Thanksgiving Visit

Posted 10-27-09, Timber Cove in October

Posted 10-16-09, Birthday time: Ian and Fiona

Posted 09-16-09, Trip to Timber Cove

Initial Posting 08-24-09, Many pictures with new camera. More on 8-25-09. More on 8-30-09.

Posted 08-17-09, Sulwen's (pre) Birthday Party in Oregon

Posted 07-25-09, California in July

Posted 05-17-09, Kansas (and Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado)

Posted 05-10-09, Timber Cove, Early May

Posted 04-15-09, Maryland Frankes in Arizona

Posted 04-01-09, Sulwen in Arizona (others, too)

Posted 02-27-09, Time in Arizona, addendum same date

Posted 02-22-09, Brightening up the Green Valley townhouse

Richard Franke