These pictures posted during 2005

Posted 12-22-05, Family Thanksgiving Week in Kauai

Posted 10-02-05, Butterflies, Birds, Rocks

Posted 08-27-05, Flowers!

Posted 08-22-05, People pictures

Posted 08-21-05, Construction!

Posted 07-20-05, Grandkids on a visit (correction on 9/6/05)

Posted 04-28-05, To Green Valley and around

Posted 04-26-05, Fun with Wicket; ballgames and a birthday in Benicia

Posted 03-29-05, Spring is here (and other nice things)

Posted 03-02-05, The last of February pictures

Posted 02-13-05, Adventures in Arizona

Posted 01-17-05, Townhouse in Green Valley, Arizona

Posted 01-12-05, Late December 2004

Richard Franke