These pictures posted during 2004

Posted 11-30-04, Thanksgiving in Oregon, updated 12-07-2004

Posted 10-27-04, Benicia, Albuquerque, and beyond

Posted 10-24-04, SOLIR Fall color hike on the Rogue River

Posted 10-24-04, Dogs and owners on a visit

Posted 09-19-04, updated 9-26-04, 10-2-04, and 10-8-04, SOLIR class Nature on the Rocks

Posted 09-12-04, AAUW Mystery Book Club retreat at the Sylvia Beach Hotel

Posted 09-12-04, A bit of this and (a bit of) that

Posted 09-02-04, Trip to Utah with Ian

Posted 08-23-04, Some recent pictures

Posted 08-22-04, Family Pictures and a Giant's ballgame

Posted 08-01-04, Fiona's visit

Posted 07-20-04, An Oregon trip

Posted 07-17-04, Catchup pictures from May, June, July

Posted 06-29-04, A Wake for the Herndon Schools, the Ox Roast, and Family (some corrections as of July 24, 2004)

Posted 05-17-04, Mostly flowers

Posted 04-15-04, Spring is here!

Posted 03-21-04, Snow and other sights, travel, and spring flowers

Richard Franke