These pictures posted during 2002

Posted 12-16-02 (c), Tap dancing, Late Birthday, and Early Christmas in California.

Posted 12-16-02 (b), Mountains and Canyons.

Posted 12-16-02, Thanksgiving in Albuquerque.

Posted 11-25-02, Miscellaneous pictures that didn't get posted before.

Posted 11-24-02, Halloween trip to Benicia and Timber Cove.

Posted 10-22-02, Friends, Family, and Fall Color.

Posted 10-18-02, Trip to Jonesborough, TN and the National Storytelling Festival.

Posted 09-10-02, Smokey pictures, trips to the Coast, and OMSI.

Posted 07-23-02, Birds, Flowers, and Sunsets.

Posted 07-22-02, Andrew and Elise Hudson 50th anniversary celebration, Pembroke Pines, FL.

Posted 07-09-02, Pictures taken from air on trip between Sacramento and Ft. Lauderdale.

Posted 07-08-02, Visit to 29 Palms.

Posted 07-07-02, a friendly visit here and some miscellaneous routine stuff.

Posted 06-05-02, Trip to Texas, Louisiana, and Iowa.

Posted 04-27-02

Posted 04-08-02, New Zealand trip pictures.

Posted 04-06-02

Posted 01-29-02

Richard Franke