Early December we went to Monterey

Among other things, we went to see I Cantori perform at the Carmel Mission.

We took some walks on the beachfront trail with Hailey and she and I traded taking pictures. We also saw Tanna, Stephen, and Stephen's mother Nancy (but no pictures).

In the 1950s the city of Monterey had Erika Franke (no relation) paint a set of angels for use as decorations around Monterey at Christmas time. There is a local artist that can do reproductions (or variations) of them. The originals were about 4x8 feet. Earlier this year we commissioned her to do a 2x4 foot one for us, and 6x8 inch (about) ones for each of the "kids". We got them on this trip to Monterey, and are quite pleased with them. Here is a shot of all of them, the large one on our house, and a closeup of the small ones, to be used as tree ornaments.

On the way home we stopped at Benicia (well, on the way down, too). I got a couple of pictures, Ian and Fiona.

Back home for Christmas

We had some snow early in the month, after I had put lights on some Cedars (to the right in the picture of the house).

Evan, Laura, Ian, and Fiona came up on the 20th, as did Amelia's nephew Mark and his friend Darla. We went out for some snow sports on th 21st near Green Springs Resort (actually at Table Mountain for the sledding and snowshoeing). Mostly didn't get any good pictures of the sledding, but got some good ones of Ian: one, two, three, four, and of Fiona: one, two. Also got a nice shot of Fiona in the van.

Before heading home we tried to get a picture or two of the group. In fumbling around trying to set the timer on the digital camera, I also hit the B&W switch, so got this one in black and white , while the film camera did get one in color.

Some folks got in a little ice skating at the rink in Ashland on Saturday. Here's Tanna and Ian, Ian getting a lesson with Mark and Darla, then with Mark and Tanna.

We also went sledding and snowshoeing later with Tanna, Stephen, and Hailey. I got only one decent picture (must have forgotten to take very many). Here's Tanna (1/3/02 oops! Tanna just informed me this is Hailey.) after she finished riding down on a saucer.

We had gift opening on Saturday evening before Evan, Laura, Ian, and Fiona had to leave. Usual Santa stuff came on Christmas day, of course. Naturally, there were a few pictures of all that. The tree, with lots of lights this year. "Santa" had a helper, serving also as an interested bystander. Ian thought "this is just what I wanted". Some other shots: Tanna and Stephen, once more, and Hailey, Fiona, and Ian.

A few general shots

John Deere time. Time for a little chow break. Inspecting the Christmas bears. Some of us had to work. Some of us took a little break time. The Circus had to be looked into carefully. Grammy got lots of time reading. What'd I say? Some found time for swinging (notice I put up another swing).

The Granddogs showed up. We have a brand new one, Wicket, the Norwich Terrier. Grandkids and granddogs get together - Fiona and Rabia, and Ian with Rabia and Wicket. Then everyone joins in. The dogs do get some rest. We went on a walk along the Bear Creek trail.

A candid family picture

We took a bunch of pictures of the family (thanks, Mark). This one is the best I've seen, but I haven't seen them all. Get those better pictures to me (you know who you are). The winner gets their's posted after this one. You'll have to look here later to see if there was a winner.

Richard Franke