Family Thanksgiving Week in Kauai

This year we decided to get the whole family to Hawaii for Thanksgiving week. Thanks to the cooperation of many kinds by all involved, we spent Thanksgiving week at the Suite Paradise condos in Poipu. We (some of us) flew from SFO on November 20. Here's a shot of Hailey, Tanna, and Stephen shortly after takeoff. Hailey reciprocated by getting this shot of Amelia and I. A little later we (us window seaters, at least) had a view of the Farallon Islands and Point Reyes.

At the condo we soon found we had a visitor (many geckos, in fact) that came in when they could and lurked outside when they could not. One evening we had a nice (you know what a sucker I am for these pictures) rainbow off the deck. Another day we had a wonderful sunrise. One evening we were over at Hailey, Tanna, and Stephen's condo, where there was a rapt group watching a slide show.

All but Amelia went kayaking one day. Afterward, thanks to Ian, many shared a coconut cooler, drinking right out of the coconut. Here's Ian and Fiona, along with Laura and Evan, and me. On the way out, Hailey, Ian, Fiona, and me took a little side trip while the others went to see Harry Potter. We stopped on an overlook for the Hanalei River where we kayaked for two or three miles and back (yes, even Ian and Fiona made contributions (most of the time after "getting the hang of it")). Then we stopped off at Kilauea Point and walked down toward the ocean. On the way back there was a nice waterfall.

Another day we went to Poipu Beach Park where the kids were enthusiastic snorkelers. Here's a shot with Ian and others in the picture, while Fiona heads out.

Another time I caught a picture of Stephen, Tanna, and Hailey on the waterfront. Back at the condo, Ian posed by the banana tree, while Evan and Fiona posed near the entrance. One of the attractions near Koloa is the tree tunnel.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Blossoming Lotus, a vegan restaurant. While reaction was not universally enthusiatic, the near-vegans among us were about as close to heaven-on-Thanksgiving as possible for them to be. After, we all got pictures near the entrance. Here are Tanna and Stephen, then Amelia and I, with Ian, Evan, Laura, and Fiona, and Hailey. We then round things out with "our kids".

The Hyatt Hotel was within easy walking distance of our condos, and they feed the fish every afternoon. We went over a couple of times and I took a lot of pictures. Here's Amelia, Evan, Ian and others watching the fish. Some preferred to put up a smiley front, while others just watched. There were plenty of Koi, and a swan. Others of us looked toward the trees. Yes, they had a lot of Koi. Afterward, we took a leisurely stroll toward the beach, but some got there quicker than others but eventually we all got there (yes, even the one taking the picture).

One day we heard that there was and endangered monk seal at Poipu Beach. Ian and Fiona watched quietly. We ten proceeded out to Spouting Horn, where there were also some sea turtles (if not "see" turtles). Heading back to the condo we took a little detour to the vegetable market near Koloa.

Certain people spent a bit of time in the swimming pool. Here's Fiona keeping her eye on the ball, while Ian appears to have started late.

Saturday evening we celebrated Evan's birthday by going out to Duke's Kauai Restaurant. The nonvegetarians were pleased with the choice while the others endured. Fiona, Evan, and Ian enjoyed things.

That was about it. On Sunday it was back to California for most of us, and then on to Oregon for us. An excellent adventure was had by all.