Thanksgiving Visit

This year we were fortunate to have our daughter Tanna, and granddaughter Sulwen come on Thanksgiving Day and stay for a week (almost). Stephen came the next day for several days. We had another visitor, too, whom Sulwen was glad to see. She and Tate had a good time, although maybe Sulwen had a better time Tate did. All in all, Tate is quite tolerant.

There were many other things to occupy Sulwen. One day there was a lot of swinging going on, and that was a lot of fun for all. There were other parts of the yard to explore.

Finally it was time for the Thanksgiving Feast (well, OK, it was a day late, but a feast nontheless. Here we are all gathered in front of the bountiful table. After that we headed into Ashland to see the Christmas lighting parade. Here Tanna, Sulwen, and Stephen await the beginning of the parade. I took the opportunity to take a photo of the Ashland Springs Hotel with its lights already on. Tate also awaits the parade. At last it comes along, with many entries, but the best of all, of course, was this sleigh with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

In the morning Sulwen spent time with Grammy, her Play Dough cookies, and her toy stove. Wicket is trying to get into the act, too. Here's a short video about that. I have longer videos that are more interesting, but they are BIG! There was a model train show in Medford, and Grandad and Grammy took Sulwen to see the model trains (she's the one with the finger under her nose - but you knew that). Grandad had his train hat on. Sulwen appears to be very interested in something around the Leggo train (a helicopter, I think). After that we stopped by at the Talent Library.

Sunday we went to Lithia Park, where Sulwen got to swing, and climb on the equipment and go down the slide.

Tuesday morning Stephen had to leave to drive home, and Sulwen was taking Tate on a walk. Then Tate got to be rewarded by getting to wear Sulwen's bag as a hat. Tate does have to put up with a lot, and he almost always does it in good humor.

Early Thursday morning, even before it was bright, we got Tanna and Sulwen to the airport for their ride back to San Francisco. We then got back to see how big a stack of things needed to be stored until the next visit. But it was all good fun.