Swinging Frankes

After much procrastination, I finally got around to putting up a decent (no safety seat preventing one from getting out of even if you want to) swing. Hailey approved, (twice) and so did Evan and me too


Back on November 15th, we had a glorious sunrise. Here are some pictures of it (some better than the real thing): One, Two, Three, Four

Thanksgiving weekend

Ian and Fiona (at least one of them) watched a little TV

Kitchen scene on TG day

Eric carved the turkey

I took some shots around the table: One, Two, Three, Four

We had some other visitors I haven't shown yet, like towhees and pine siskins

Alas, it snowed, but some some took advantage of it. Then there were the usual snow fights back and forth

Some took a little time for relaxation

Then there was a little birthday celebration for Evan. Candles out, followed by a little roughhousing and other fun

Richard Franke