Some fall color

Just off our deck, a Japanese maple

Along a cemetary on North Phoenix Road, a line of color

In the hills east of Ashland along Highway 66 we saw several nice scenes of fall color today. One, Two, Three, Four

The birds are still at it

The finch feeder is ever- popular for the usual, and here a purple finch (Hailey took this picture)

Hailey is here now

She rode back with me from Sacramento last week, where I enjoyed seeing the famous Franke exponential displayed by several speakers at the SIAM meeting on Geometric Design (and by myself). Hailey and I stopped at Lily's Cafe in Shasta City, where they have big glasses (or so it seems)

We went on a ride to Howard Prairie Lake and Hyatt Lake today. Amelia and Hailey became a bit muddy, while I built a wonderful rock sculpture

Richard Franke