Sulwen and parents

We took the opportunity to spend a few days in Timber Cove earlier this month. There is already an Animoto show on Sulwen's Blog, and here are some overlapping and nonoverlapping pictures and information. We arrived there on the 17th. Early the next morning, Sulwen is playing with a toy that mirrors her favorite time: Birthday. Here she is playing with her new birthday cake toy, including a cake, a cake server, candles, candies. Other favorite things are bracelets and headbands. A little later Amelia and I took Wicket and Millie (see Millie's blog) on a walk around the circle and noticed this habitat created by an upside down stump (big 'un); it even has trees growing on "top" of it. When we came back we admired Sulwen's play structure, from both directions. Later in the morning we went up to the Ft. Ross School to the Farmer's Market, which also featured other interesting things. Here Sulwen is making friends with a large dog, while I'm more interested in the antique washing machines. I tried out the "one man bucksaw" (there's another, better, picture on Sulwen's blog posting for October 25, 2009, but even on that one I didn't finish the log. I know that last dog actually looked like a sheep, but they also had a sheepdog demonstration, with the dogs demonstrating great patience and stealth. That afternoon we had a little pumpkin carving demonstration, bearing in mind that this is halloween month. At last, the top is off. Not too surprising, the sun is soon setting out over the Pacific Ocean, midst some low level fog. After dark we light the jack-o-lantern and Sulwen admires it. The next day we carved another, smaller, happier jack-o-lantern that Sulwen seemed to like a lot. There was a lot of this going on over the long weekend. Back home again on Tuesday, very happy to have made the trip.