Disneyland for Ian's and Fiona's birthdays (10/5 & 10/6)

Evan, Laura, Ian, and Fiona enter Disneyland!

Ian and Fiona on the merry-go-round

A little tussle over the toadmobile

One day we went to Legoland

Ian fought with Darth

Ian earned his driving license

The helicopter ride was fun for Fiona and Laura

Not all of the funny stuff required admission: Ian and Fiona

Flying the airplanes was enjoyed by Ian and Amelia and Fiona

Some just enjoyed being shut away from the kids, in jail

Jousting was great fun for Fiona and Ian

Of course, part of the fun is playing with Legos

The next day it was back to Disneyland

It is some fun to collect characters' autographs, such as Capt Hook, Mary Poppins, Ariel, Pinochio, Mad Hatter, and Alice

Ian and Laura rode Dumbo

Of course, it was back to the merry-go-round for parents and kids (Grandad too, but no picture)

Then back to Benicia

Fiona put on her Dalmation suit

On the weekend we went to Timber Cove

There we met Stephen and Tanna

After the restaurant meal, here we are (except for Dick)

Richard Franke