It was a great day when Sulwen and Tanna arrived Monday (10/29) at the Medford airport. After arriving home one of the first things was to get the hungry girl some sustenance. Ummm! That was so good she just had to lick the plate. Later in the afternoon it warmed up enough that some pool time was in order. Of course, Tate was feeling neglected, so he came over and got a little attention (but not much). Sulwen was happy to have cooled off a bit. Back inside Sulwen gave her new flapping duck toy a workout while wearing her new (????) pants (whatever they are - look very European).

On Wednesday we went to the "Y" where Sulwen got a chance to ride the noodle and stand up on the animal float. Back home it was time to eat, and there's nothing wrong with a yogurt facial, is there? Later it was time to play on the "bridge to somewhere". It was great fun walking up the steps on one end, and also great for peekaboos.

Early Thursday morning it was good to have a little mouse hat to ward off the morning chill. The bridge to somewhere was ever popular, and still useful for peekaboos. Later in the day we were off to Ashland with great-aunt Becky.

Friday it was back on the bridge; she does love that bridge, probably because it goes somewhere. It's good to have a little reaction with Grammy, but it's really more fun to slide. Of course, it's also fun to get on the shelf under the butcher block. But that really pales in comparison with having cousin Darla read a book.

Saturday was time to get everything ready to go home. One thing we hadn't done yet, was to carve the pumpkin. Here it is, all ready for carving. Grandad does the deed, while Sulwen thinks about watching, maybe. It helps to have something to eat while the carving is going on. Hard to see what Grandad is doing (that's bad), but then again, also harder to get to the knife (that's good). Maybe it's time to dress the part. Then again, maybe that's a little scary. Sulwen isn't quite sure that she wants to take her turn. All done, the light inside, everyone is happy.

*Afternote: The bb* pictures were supplied by Becky.

Addendum on October 12

I just got some pictures that Hailey took and some were to good to not add. We went out to the Country Club for dinner on Tuesday at Bill's invitation. A beautiful evening, where just below the outdoor dining area Sulwen showed her prowess as an upcoming golfer. Ah shucks, this one just wouldn't roll in! Afterwards, there was a chance to settle down in arms of Mom. Here's a family shot with Mt. Ashland in the background, probably behind my head. On Friday Hailey caught Sulwen enjoying the amenities while waiting for the food to come.