Timber Cove

On Labor Day weekend we headed for Timber Cove to see Sulwen, oh yeh, and Tanna and Stephen, too. We arrived down there that evening after running into some Bay Bridge avoidance traffic (it was closed that weekend for repairs).

Next day was a big one, and I have a few pictures (for me). Pictures with prefix u were taken with my camera, prefix t with Tanna's. Early on we got to see the new stick pony with a mane. Soon it was time to put together the new Radio Flyer wheelbarrow, with all hands helping. First, a little lesson in how to use one of those things. Then it was off to haul around some cargo. Then, where did the rest of that day go?

Tuesday dawned bright and clear. We started off thinking it's always good time to do a little drawing, and what better model than one's own foot. And, she knows how to get the cap back on the marker! Then Sulwen helps prepare some fruit. Oh yes, and do a little clowning around with Grammy and Grandad. Then we sit down to a good breakfast. Afterward, it's off to Gualala for Grandad and Stephen, who come back with the makings of a swing to hang in a neighbor's tree. First trial has Sulwen looking a little bit a little apprehensive. But, give it a few cycles, and maybe that's not so bad after all. In fact, it's started to seem like real fun. Then Sulwen wants to try it herself while Grandad looks after it, but it's not without some trepidation. Doesn't take long until she's looking like a pro.

Next morning it's PlayDoh time with some help from Grammy. Eventually have to have some breakfast. Finally, just about time for Grammy and Grandad to leave, but let's have a look at video on Grandad's computer first.

This was a quick trip, but a lot of fun. We're hoping to do it again, soon.