In Green Valley

Bit out of date, but in April when we were in Green Valley, I took some pictures of Sandy's new house (to be). Here is the entrance, with Sandy peaking around and Amelia in the foreground on April 22. Just a few days later, on May 1, we see Sandy looking out the back from the living area to the patio. The front entrance is slightly, but not appreciably, advanced. It looks like we will have to wait until December to see more pictures along this line, but they are coming!

In Talent

These are a little out of date, too, but .... We have given the master bath a new look. Here is a shot of the area which had the old vanity (should have had a picture of it), but now shows old plumbing and new wiring, while this one shows the old shower enclosure, all with old paint scheme (white all over). Here we see the new vanity and the new color scheme (not white), and the new curved shower curtain rod, which greatly improves access to the shower/tub. All hardware (almost) is satin-nickel finish. One of the other "hidden" improvements is the "almost instant" hot water recirculation pump. It uses the cold water line as the return line. A motion sensor (can be seen on the wall with a plastic bag over it in the first "old" picture) turns on the pump (bottom of the current picture, resting on foam padding block). Water from the hot water line on the right is pumped into the cold water line on the left until the temperature reaches 95 degrees, whereupon the pump shuts off with a positive shutoff valve between the two lines. It works well, and was obtained from Metlund D'Mand Systems. I also have a push button switch in the adjacent bathroom which will start the pump.

I finally got around to putting a lintel over our garden gate. Now, if Amelia goes away for a long enough time, I'll ge able to get the motto up - Belly Acres.