Grandkids on a visit

Correction (9/6/05): MaryKay King took the picture attrributed to Dick King, below.

In Benicia

In the runup to the episode, we see Ian and Fiona with their mother at the house door. Shortly thereafter, Ian accompanied us as we left for our trip to Oregon on June 29th.

In Oregon

Not too many pictures for a few days, but Ian swam and we worked on the Go-Kart and other things. On July 3rd we traveled over to our friends near Rocky Point, Dick and MaryKay King. On Independence Day we went to Klamath Falls for a hearty breakfast. Afterwards we went across the street to watch the parade. Dick King took this picture of Ian and me waving our flags.

On Thursday, July 7th, we met Bubbles and Fiona in Redding (Olive Garden, of course) and brought Fiona home with us. It was a joyous reunion between Ian and Fiona that lasted a little while. Fiona and Ian were quick to get busy putting the miles on their all-terrain tricyles (I estimate about 25 miles, just on the deck). Fiona was just happy to be on the deck, while Ian preferred to be going around. Another big attraction was the "big swing". It's gotten so that I can't seem to push Fiona high enough, so she took a shot at pumping herself. Ian was not averse to swinging high, either. One project we all worked on was refurbishing (a little) the old wishing well being water blasted Fiona and by Ian. But they soon took out some time for the sandpile.

Tuesday night was "kids" night out, so we kids set off for Medford so Ian and Fiona could eat the Round Table Pizza they earned by reading/listening to books (I had to buy my own since I didn't have time to read any books this week), and then we went to see "Madagascar" (try to get out of that one). Next day Fiona and I were painting the wishing well (and ourselves). Another attraction was the cargo net that found use, either tandem or singly.

Another big attraction (for me, too!) was the Go-Kart that I welded up, starting with yet another of the all-terrain trikes. Ian was adventuresome, and zoomed down the slope. Fiona was less so, but enjoyed it just as much. I was the most adventuresome, and what's more, I get to use it anytime I'm home. The tractor got a lot of use by Fiona, with Ian being a bit less enthusiastic about that.

We also did a little gardening, with Ian contributing melon and rhubarb, and Fiona sticking with her flower garden beside the wishing well. Here's Grandad with the wishing well and the petunias.

Finally, a facility that got a lot of use, but no pictures (except for these taken after the fact), was the pond. Here Amelia retrieves a toy "lost" in the pond. Last is a montage of pictures taken at the pond: (left, cw) goldfish in the shallows (not all gold), first waterlilly bloom, waterfall, more goldfish (including two large, about 12 inch, that aren't all gold). Other things that missed picture-taking were the swimming lessons and a visit to the Ashland waterpark.

On Friday, July 15 we headed for Sacramento to deliver them to their other grandparents for a little relaxation after all the hectic activities (not all mentioned here). Then, back home and some rest for us, too.