Maryland Visit

On June 15 I flew to BWI from Lincoln, by way of Chicago. Evan picked me up at the airport. Later that day, Fiona and I went over to the pool for Fiona's swim practice. The next day was her last half-day of school, so she is looking happy. I had gone to the grocery store and bought (among other things) lemons. Turns out they already had quite a few lemons. Evan suggested I make lemonade, so when Fiona was at swim practice, I made a half-gallon of lemonade. When she got back, she said that she and Sara should put up a lemonade stand. Being optomistic, I said we needed more lemonade then, and made another half-gallon while she and Sara made a sign. We then walked down to some open space on Whetstone Drive, a main road through the housing area. Here's Sara and Fiona all set up for business. And the business did come, in ones and twos and threes. Good thing I made the extra lemonade, as they sold most of it. Fiona was getting in quite a bit of pool time. Saturday there was a swim meet, and Fiona swam several events, including a relay. Evan is an avid swim meet photographer, and here he is taking one of his several hundred pictures of that meet.

The next day was Father's Day, and Evan took me out to Nationals baseball game, but stopping off first to go to Ben's Chili Bowl. Unlike Obama and Bill Cosby, Evan had to pay, and to show we had no hard feelings, we had the Bill Cosby's Original Chili Half-Smoke. Here's me and the bear? A short metro ride away and we were approaching the Nationals stadium along with a crowd of other folks. The Nationals have their mascots and chearleaders. Appeared though, that having George, Tom, and Abe didn't help them out a lot in the end. I did manage once in a while to get a ball in the air. Oh yes, and they reminded us it was Father's Day. I did get another thrown ball. I even managed to get a hit ball, although here it looks more like a chalk mark on the dirt. And just so you think I always managed to get the ball, I did in this one, too, but notice it is still in the pitcher's hand.

Always wanting to get good shots from a window seat, here's one that I'm guessing I took of the Rock River, near Prophetstown, west of Chicago. Some clouds in that one, but here are some real clouds. So, it was back to Lincoln to pick up my car at the Ramada Limited, who kept a careful eye on it (for free, as it turned out), and to head out for the Rock Creek Station and begin my trip along the Oregon Trail.