People Pictures from Kansas

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One of the stops along the Oregon Trail trip was in my home town of Herndon, and I took some pictures of (mostly) family. I've picked out some of the better ones to post here. Unfortunately, I apparently was not concientious enough to be sure to get pictures of everyone that I should have, so I apologize to those that should have had their pictures here. Next time I promise to forget someone else.

The fun started on Wednesday, June 9, at David's and Bonnie's house. Here's a picture of Bonnie and newest grand-daughter Heidi. There's no doubt about it, Heidi is a cutie. There were a couple of Heidi's cousins there, too: Candaesa and J.D.

Later that day a large contingent of folks went down to the "Franke Springs" to do some fishing. Here's one shot of Miriam, David, J.D., Leah, Sarah, Mo's hands, and Randy. Here's J.D. with his first catch (at least the first of the day). Here's Miriam's catch, with Randy and Mo looking on. But Leah also has one, and just the right size, too. Mo is mighty pleased with his catch. No one could challenge Sarah for biggest catch of the day. Here's a couple of new folks, Kyle and Cindi. Then there were some just taking it easy, while others took a break: David, Carrie, Don, Leah, and Cindi. I finish with one last panoramic view of the whole crew (except me).

The next day I got this picture of Emily, Josh, and Zach. Then there was a dry spell where I took a few pictures, but mostly of reunion and Ox Roast related things, so those will come later in another post (maybe).

Anyway, here's some shots I took on Saturday, first some I took from the car while driving in the parade, then some more after that. Here's a bunch of relatives: Saeger, Keith, Roma, Ellen, Kourtney, Sydney, Kristin, Kayla, Kurt, Carrie, Heidi, and Tracy. Along to the right, we see Dean, Bonnie's camera, Kate, and David (and unknowns in the background). Continuing to the lright, Kristyn, Emily and Josh, Don, and Roger (and more unknowns in the background). Then, Kamryn and Kent. Continuing along in the parade, here's Tom (waving, with camera), Rylee, Andrea's camera, Heath, Jonathan, Katie, Noah, Dryden, and Caleb. The personal part of the parade being over, I got around to where I could see the rest of it just in time to see Leah, ?, Rachel, and ?. They were followed by Kyle, who apparently lost his *ss (make that, donkey) and had to impersonate a prospector using a horse. Later that afternoon, there was a crowd for the outhouse races, including Hank and me. Anxiously awaiting the race, here's Kay, Tom, Rylee, Andrea, and Dryden.

Sunday was a big family day. After church I caught Rusty and Egan. Later, here's David and Ellen. According to Brian, Tracy, and Brenda something must be amusing, while Dean, David, Tom, and Roger keep an eye on the "cream can dinner" (an aside for truth in picturing: David now uses a turkey fryer instead of a cream can). Dean and Brian have a serious moment, while Emily and Tracy are plotting something. I got candid shots of Brenda, and Ashley and Ellen (David pretty much hidden), and Roger, and Tom, and David. This is a good shot of Brian, Brenda, and Dean. Here's the four brothers, David, Dick, Tom, and Roger. The Albuquerque crowd, Tracy, Ellen, Brian, and David with a wheatfield in the background. Emily, Tamela, and Ashley have to leave soon. David's and Bonnie's entire family pose: J.D., Brenda, Candaesa, Brian, Ellen, Tracy, David, Bonnie, David, Heidi, Carrie, and Dean. It was pretty quiet after everyone else left, and J.D. got in a little water slide time while Candaesa checked out the runoff from the rain.

Somehow I missed getting two pictures. I cropped one of mine to get this one of J.D., Brenda, and Candaesa together. David sent me this one of Heidi, Dean, and Carrie. He also sent me this one of the whole family, pretty much in the same order as mine, but overall a nicer picture. Somebody is either better at knowing when to snap, or luckier than I am.

Well, that's it. Again, my apologies to those that I missed and to those that didn't want their picture here, but found it anyway.