On July 4, Sulwen and Tanna arrived in Oregon for a long weekend visit. Sulwen was happy to be out of the airplane, and especially out of the car seat. Unfortunately, she got here to late too see the jack rabbit. But she did get to do a little swinging in the shed. Nothing like a little personal time with Grammy and then a little hot tub time with "Momma" Hailey. Sometimes it's a joy just to be able to get off by oneself. In the afternoon it was off to a party where Sulwen was able to meeet someone more her own size. Also fun to be able to play in in the grass for a bit. Thank goodness they had a a few snacks, 'cause a gal can get hungry after all that activity. On the way out from party, here's a picture of the entire family. After a busy day like that a little gal just might have a meltdown.

Consequently, the next day was largely a day of rest. There are a couple of pictures having fun with Grammy and Grandad, but we just tried to take it easy.

On Sunday it was Grammy's and Grandad's 45th anniversary, so we all went over to Summer Jo's for brunch. Here's Sulwen ready for a bit of grub, while Grammy and Grandad ham it up a bit. Back home it was time for a little cool down process. Sulwen thinks splashing is great fun. Maybe as much fun as bucketing up some water. Back inside, Sulwen waits for a call from Nanny on the pink "cell phone", but all it ever does is ring.

Monday it was time for a little visit from Dick and MK, so Sulwen put on her princess tiara. Here Sulwen shows off her frog ready to jump position (just possibly inherited maternally). It's also an extra help when trying to get attention. A bit later it is time to just take it easy with Tate. After resting up a bit, it's time to help with the dishwasher.

Tuesday it was time to head back to California, but Sulwen got in some time with blocks (it's great fun knocking them down!). Then a little last minute time with Hailey, and it's off to the airport. What great fun was had by all!

Note: Pictures with names of the form "tn..." were taken with Tanna's camera, others by mine.