On June 6, Sulwen, Tanna, Stephen, and Nancy arrived in Oregon for a weekend visit. Naturally, the trip was on Drapkin time, and they arrived around 8:30, just in time for a late dinner. Sulwen was tired, but so happy to be out of the car seat that she appeared to be in in good spirits. Of course, having found Grandad's shoelaces may have been just the distraction she needed. Mark and Darla arrived from Eugene a bit later.

The next day the first order of business was to have a little fun with a basket. Then it was good to get in a little hot tub time (and some practice on the "princess wave"). It is great fun sliding off the edge of the hot tub into the water! Most of the rest just hung out on the deck, including Mark and Darla, Amelia and I . (Note: Pictures with a filename starting with "t" were taken with Stephen's camera.) Someone had to take the picture, but here are Stephen and Nancy. Then it was time for a little fun on the slide/climber. This is really going to be fun in a month or so. Of course, it is important to get in that training for looking poised and keeping the back straight. After a little nap and other sustaining things, it was off to try out the swing. Rabia chases a ball (just above the mid-right side of picture). Back inside, a little more crawl time is in order. Food is welcome from most anyone, and especially Mark. After that repast there is nothing better than a little Nanny and Grammy time. More is better. More yet is better yet. Of course, that can't really hold up to Grandad time (and more princess wave practice). Now for a serious shot before bedtime.

Sunday morning, and what could be better than a little hot tub with Darla? Well, maybe hot tub with Darla AND Mark. But let's face it, hot tubbing with Darla is just plain hilarious. In the afternoon we all went for a little hike in Lithia Park. What fun that was, here with Nanny, Daddy, and Grammy, and Sulwen taking it easy. Then Mommy got to join the group and and Sulwen smiles big at that. Daddy got a picture of the group, but Sulwen is hiding out. Then a nice lady came along and offered to "shoot us all". That turned out to be a pretty nice (but maybe a bit blurry) picture. Down the trail just a little way, Grandad took this Three-generation shot. Then Sulwen was happy to get in a shot with Mark and Darla, who then headed back to Eugene. Later on, Sulwen was a bit pooped, but not too much to do a little crawling. Then Sulwen finally "gave up" and got in a little nap time with her dad. After dinner, all but Mommy and Sulwen went to see "A Comedy of Errors" at the outdoor theatre of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Monday morning, the rest of the crew headed back to California (on Drapkin time) - but hey, I'm not complaining, we enjoyed every minute of the whole weekend. We're looking forward to the next visit.