Whole lot of visiting in Green Valley

We had a good get-together with some of the family the first week of April. For a quick look at some pictures, and not much text, point your browser at Sulwen's Blog, then go down a page or two to "Spring Trip to Green Valley". Or carry on here. Or both.

Sulwen (and Tanna) arrived in Tucson on April 4 for a week-long visit. Bright and early the next morning, Sulwen and Grammy were busy reading, Sulwen in her ever-present tiara and magic wand. A bit later she was trying out her new new chair.

On Tuesday we went for a walk, and what excitement! There were people in front of the house with what Sulwen calls a digger. Sulwen liked to hide in the stroller. In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool, where Sulwen had great fun riding on her Mommie's back. Later we saw a rabbit on the street in front of the house. After that we went in search of an ice cream cone (horror of horrors, both ice cream shops have closed down in Green Valley), so we went for a Dairy Queen cone, a first for Sulwen (the cone part). Grammy brought along hers and Tanna's (note, slightly fancier). Sulwen thought ice cream cones are are great. Make that really great. Well, that chocolated covered one looks pretty good, too. Or maybe they are all really, really great!

On Wednesday we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens where they have a tropical butterfly exhibit. Along with us was the Cisneros family. Here Sulwen and Quint check out some larvae while Tanna and Lauren look on. Always the clown, Quint hams it up with Sue. Lauren and Sulwen are ready to go in. Here's a serious one with a butterfly (if you want to know the names of the butterflies, ask someone else). Lauren and Sulwen are fascinated by the critters. Indeed, there were some colorful ones. I think this one is an owl, or something like that. Here's another pretty one. The little pond with fish also attracted Lauren and Sulwen. Quint attracted another butterfly. It was time for Amelia and the girls to take a little break. But the colorful butterflies are still out there, one even landing on Amelia's hat. Later, Lauren and Sulwen play dress-up, while Nana and Quint get in some time together. So many clothes, so little time. How about this one, folks? Or, this one? But, frankly, here is the real winner.

On Thursday we must have had such a good time that I took no pictures. Well, we were awaiting the arrival of Becky and Don.

Friday we took a little hike up Madera Canyon. Here's a portion of the crew, and a better look at some of them here (Amelia, Sulwen, Becky, and Don). One of theings we saw along the way was this well-disguised lizard. A bit later on we saw this turkey. Back home we had some wildlife, also. Here's a flicker coming to the feeder, and then a hummingbird at the lavender. Later in the evening, Sulwen is enjoying a treat . And Sulwen and Lauren are having a "ball".

Saturday Haley and Bill arrived, staying at the San Ignacio Inn where Becky and Don also were. We also rented a room at the San Ignacio Inn to secure access to their pool. This involved lots of people having fun. Sulwen enjoyed going back and forth from the hot tub to the pool. Later in the day a subset of us went to Kitt Peak for an astronomy evening. Here's two-thirds of the contingent: Don, Hailey, Quint, and Scott. And here's half of us (the three center left: Don, Bill, and Scott). Alas, I'm taking the pictures (but that will change - just wait until tomorrow). When that picture was taken, we were awaiting the sunset, so here are my sunset pictures. Sunset coming soon. There it goes, half behind the mountain. Then it was all gone, and we missed the green flash (again).

Come Saturday morning, Sulwen and I were out enjoying ourselves. Soon we all headed over to the San Ignacio Inn for a bit more water time before we had to check out. Later that afternoon came the main feature of the day. It was my birthday, and a small group of us (only 15) gathered at P.F. Chang's in Tucson to celebrate. Here's Richard, Ina, and Sandy. Then Becky and Don were enjoying it all. Maybe not as much as Sue, Lauren, and Hailey. And certainly not as much fun as Hailey, Bill, and Sulwen. Tanna and Quint were intent and animated, respectively. Then, here again is Quint, with Scott and Amelia. Finally, here's one of me, with Becky. And, better yet, Amelia and I (do we look like we're having a good time - I guess so!) After a wonderful repast, we retired to Sandy's home, where we (what else) had more celebration. I managed to blow out most of the (to many to count) candles (oh, maybe I meant too many to put on a cake). Anyway, I had a high old time. I had an even better time when I got a package of my favorite cookies. But shortly, it was back to playing dressup for Sulwen.

Monday it was time for everyone to head for home, and house was mighty quiet after that. And shortly we were back in Oregon.