Timber Cove, Early May

It's a given we'll stop by Timber Cove when near, no matter which direction we are ultimately headed. First weekend in May found us there to see Sulwen, Tanna, and Stephen.

Although it rained much of the weekend, it did let up enough to take a lengthy walk with Sulwen looking happy in her rain gear. Later in the day it was time for some reading, with great relish. Come on, Mom, tell me the rest of it. This girl does like to read (confession: for some reason I didn't get a single shot of Stephen on my camera, but this fits OK). Nothing like a little "horsey"; hold still, my spirited mount.

Next morning, bright and early, it't time for some dancing. Come on, Grammy, let's dance. That's better, but you too, Grandad. Let's just dance our cares away (picture due to Tanna). I thought you were never going to let me eat. Quick, before Grammy and Grandad have to leave, try the rocking boat (her mother and her aunt and uncle used this, but not recently). It also makes a dandy seat.