Fun with Wicket; ballgames and a birthday in Benicia

More adventures with Wicket. Here Wicket relaxes with Grammy. Of course, he likes to lick at the old man, too. Wicket can be in constant motion. Here he is jumping off, then jumping on, running downstairs, and upstairs. Finally, it was time to take him to his birth home to await Tanna and Stephen. Along the way, he had what may be his first chance at snow in Yreka.

In Benicia, on Saturday (4/9), Fiona had a ballgame. Here she is pregame. One can tell that warmup is serious business. Finally, here Fiona is at bat, with the ball rapidly (well, not too rapidly) approaching. On base, Fiona awaits the signal. to run. Batting over, she takes to the field. (That's her approximately in the center shortstop position.) Later she gets a chance at the catcher position, where she is ready for the strike ball.

Of course, Ian also had a ballgame. Here he is at bat. It must have been a hit, because here he is on base, and ready to run. And, there he goes! Then, at bat again, with an incoming ball (just midpicture), and another hit.

Sunday (10th) was the day before my birthday, and I was excellently entertained at brunch at the Shoreline Waterfront Restaurant in Benicia. For those of you who need to know, clockwise from me: me, Elma, Laura, Evan, Hailey, Fiona, Amelia, and Ian. Here I am in serious contemplation (or making a mighty wish) before blowing out the candle. Looks like some serious negotiations going on here. After the repast, we took a little walk around the Benicia waterfront. Here, Fiona shows there have been a few rains and puddles around lately. Ian keeps a tight rein on Tate while Fiona keeps a Rabia occupied. On Monday I was treated to dinner by Nancy (thanks, Nancy), but for reasons unbeknownst to me, as I sometimes manage to do, I have no pictures. (I suppose not everyone is sorry that I sometimes don't take any pictures!)