Sulwen's Summer 2013

Sulwen spent a large part of the summer in Oregon in a whirlwind of activities. Here is a small attempt at bringing the flavor of her time with us.

July 5th the sun rose bright and early (6:11am, according to my camera). Excellent afternoon for some hot tub time with Tanna and Hailey and pool time for Sulwen.

During the summer, Sulwen went to fiddle camp in the Lithia Park. Here she is in concert and play. But getting back to something serious, busking for pizza money. But, time for more more fun, too.

One day we went to Northwest Air Tour show at the Ashland airport, where Sulwen posed with an airplane that looks a little like a Piper, but vertical tail seems wrong. Anyone?

Sulwen quickly mastered Grammy's Ipad. One day we left to go to Prospect, where Ina gave her more dolls. There was time to bucket up water from the creek. Speaking of dolls, here is part of the collection.

It wasn't only dolls that got her attention. Here she is with some of her mom's and auntie's horse collection. Wildlife came into it, too, with two bats taking up (night-time) residence in the table umbrella and a garter snake in the window well, One day we went to the shop and made a bird house. Warm weather brings on the need for cooling off.

One day Sulwen wanted to have a tea party for her favorite doll, Rose. Among the guests were Dick and Mary Kay, who had given Rose to Sulwen.

Another of Sulwen's activities was going to "horse camp" with Spirit and Eva. But, back to cooling off, there is nothing like a dip in the pool at Hailey's and Bill's house. Geronimo! Some days Tate had to come visit, and took up his favorite position awaiting someone to get him out of jail. Bad fires in the area, this is what the sun looked like some days.

In early August, the Maryland Frankes arrived and were greeted with this hail storm. The next day a large crew went to Lost Creek Lake where we rented a ski boat and a patio boat. Part of the early crew consisted of Fiona, Ian, Hailey, myself, and Mark. Ski boat is on the lake, and shortly thereafter, our champion water skier, Hailey was up and doing it. The late-comers finally arrived, and the party boat went in to pick them up. Here's Evan, who took some of these pictures. The big party boat went in to pick them up. There are Becky, Don, Eric, Mark, Tanna, Sulwen, Stephen, Amelia, and other unseen. Here's Sulwen and Stephen. Soon Tanna and Sulwen were riding the "hot dog", followed by Ian and (hidden) Stephen. Enjoying the boat ride were Fiona and Sulwen, who were next in line for the "hot dog" ride. From the party boat, here are Ian and Stephen and Sulwen and Fiona on the "hot dog". On the party boat, Eric, Darla, Mark, Becky, and Amelia are having a good time.

After arriving back home in the early afternoon, we had a bountiful meal in preparation for the first of many birthday celebrations for Sulwen.

  • happy folks
  • another doll
  • not quite big enough to ride, but...
  • more happy folks
  • this is serious
  • all around the room
  • are all the candles lit?
  • the birthday monkey is clapping
  • The next day was the celebration chronicled in a previous post. But more went on than that, like having bananas in the hot tub. And making big leaps into the swimming pool. Following days were occupied by standing tall with dad, posing with Grammy Becky and Grandad, and special sourdough waffles for breakfast. Then there was more dancing and fiddle camp, although sometimes one gets a bit tired.

    There was also plenty to do at Grandad's and Grammy's place:

  • riding the gravity go cart
  • still missed part of it
  • there she goes
  • the tire swing is great fun, too
  • Grammy swings
  • there is always the pond
  • Tanna swings, too
  • time for contemplation
  • Sulwen's summer in Oregon passed quickly, but it was time to go back to school, so we had to part for a while. Wait 'till next year (well, I'm so slow with this that that means this year).