On March 19th, Tanna and Sulwen flew into Tucson and we picked them up at the airport. The next afternoon I picked up Susie Radeker and a little later in the afternoon, Hailey. With new clothes from all parties, Sulwen was quite pleased. Of course, it wasn't just clothes. After all the fun, it was time to help vacuum up the place. After that, it was time to help Grandad with Sudoku. Having finished that off, it was on to some scribble off a few notes. A call came through on the play phone and that prompted a follow-on call. Then, fun, fun, fun.

The next day was a trip to Madera Canyon. Here's the ladies contingent starting up the Proctor Trail. There was a stop at a water feature where play ensued. Here's a posed shot of Susie and Hailey and here's another with Hailey's camera. There was another taken by Sandy, but I only got the picture of the picture-taking on that one, along with Tanna and Sulwen. I got in a small breather, too. After all that hard work, it was time for a little relaxation with Grandad, but Grammy didn't get neglected. It was fun playing with the stacking blocks. That evening, at Sandy's Sulwen modeled her hat while on a chair.

Sunday morning was time for a stroll around the neighborhood. But you know, Sulwen really goes like this kind of strolling better, and least for a little while. Back at the house, time to get that Sunday brunch ready. Even better, time to eat it. Unfortunately, Sunday afternoon it's time for Tanna and Sulwen to say goodbye, and Sulwen and Grammy are a bit subdued.

There are some other pictures on Sulwen's blog.

While it was only a short while, we had a great time with the entire crew. For record purposes, photos whose name starts with q were taken with my camera, those starting with h were taken with Hailey's camera, and those with c with Sandy's camera.