The last of February pictures

I've got a few pictures that didn't seem to fit in my previous posting. So ....

On the way home from Arizona, we finally stopped by the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas. Just didn't ever seem to get there when we were visiting Monterey, but we finally did. It is in "old town" Salinas, a very attractive building right at the end of Main Street. There are many exhibits from the life and times of Steinbeck, one of them being his camper, Rocinante, used when he took to the road with Charlie.

Then it was on to Palo Alto for a couple of days, and on to Benicia. We got there just in time to go to a skating lesson with Ian and Fiona. The pictures are a little "pinkish", but here is Fiona intently listening to the instructor. Here, too. Meanwhile, Ian is pretty much doing likewise. Back home, Ian and Fiona try out their wax teeth. They may have liked this shot better. Out in the yard, Fiona took this picture of Ian and Grandad, and then Ian took this one of Fiona and Grandad.