On the first weekend in February, Sulwen, Tanna, and Hailey came for a weekend visit, and their since-childhood friend (since infant-hood, actually) also came to visit her mother. So, we had a great time, and took a few pictures. Maybe many, but a few follow.

Susie was the first to arrive on Thursday, to be followed by Hailey on Friday morning. Turns out Hailey's flight did not leave Medford, so natuarally, neither did she. Tanna and Sulwen came in around 2 pm, and they and the welcoming crew (Dick, Amelia, Becky, Susie, and Sandy) met them at the airport and then proceeded to Sabino Canyon for a picnic and a bit of hiking. After the picnic, Becky and I rode the tram on up the canyon (as far as it goes these days - not far). At the turnaround we had a showoff cardinal that hung around for a number of pictures. I got off the tram partway down and walked the rest of the way. Most of the rest had already started hiking down. Along the way I took this shot of a saquaro and rock outcrop. Back home we put up the new Sassy jumper for Sulwen, and I think she tolerated her first time pretty well.

The next morning Sulwen and her grandparents were up and having some fun. Then it was off to the airport to pick up Hailey, whose plane actually did leave Medford this time. Afterward we were hanging out on the patio for a while. Then we let Sulwen try out her new stroller and we all went for a walk to the Presbyterian Church to see the display of Sandy's quiltwork. Here's a couple of detail shots. Afterward we went to a friend's house who does beadwork, and the girls chose their favorite pieces (Tanna with Sulwen, Hailey, and Susie).

On Sunday we all went to the Grille at Hacienda del Sol for brunch. It was nice. I got this picture of Hailey on the patio afterward. Also this picture of Hailey and Susie (with Hailey's camera. From there we went to the nearby DeGrazia Gallery. There were a few more targets of photographic opportunity there. Here's a shot of Sulwen practicing her drumming. Here is the DeGrazia Chapel, along with a look at the inside that Hailey took. Here's Tanna and Sulwen at the entrance to the Gallery. The doors behind Sulwen and Tanna are from the Yuma Territorial Prison. I got this one of Sandy, Becky, and Susie in front of the Gallery. Hailey added in Tanna and Sulwen at the entrance gate (those "flowers" are beverage containers).

On Monday morning Susie came over to keep the girls company while Amelia and I went to our OLLI class. At least the first part worked, but our instructor didn't show up. Oh well. Back home I got a portrait of the party. After than it was pretty much "who gets to entertain Sulwen"? Is it Becky, or Grammy, or Susie, or Tanna, or shucks, I don't know. After all that, Sassy might be kind of fun. Yeh, I think Sassy is just OK! Of course, it is a lot of fun to just be on my own. Especially when I've got something to reach for. And, of course, when Grandad is taking my picture.

All good things end (and this one was really good), and Monday afternoon it was off to the airport with Tanna, Sulwen, and Hailey. Susie tried the next day, and eventually they all got home despite bad weather and delayed or cancelled flights.