Townhouse in Green Valley, Arizona

After a few days in Green Valley, we bought a (town)house. It is 2 BR, 2 BA, breakfast area, and living room with a dining el in it. It has a rear patio and a front carport. Here are a few pictures of it, inside and out.

Here is the entry from the carport.

Then, the entry from the inside.

Turning around we see the living room and part of the dining area.

Swiveling a bit to the left, we get a better view of the lounge chairs, the dining table, and the lovely pink floor lamp (two matching table lamps come with it, too, see the previous shot).

Moving over a bit, we see the dining area.

From the dining area looking into the kitchen and toward the breakfast area (carport outside).

Moving up a bit we see the breakfast dining area.

Turning around, we see the kitchen looking toward the dining area.

Here's the living room from the vicinity of the pink floor lamp (Bob the house inspector outside).

Master bedroom at front of house, and another view of same.

A view of the slave bedroom.

Then there are the four corner views of the patio,
view one,
view two,
view three,
view four.

Finally, here I am on the driveway in front of the house.