Late December 2004

We left on December 23 to head for the Bay area for Christmas. On the morning we left Talent, it was FROSTY!

The next day Fiona was very excited about all the presents under the tree, and I caught her in this interesting shot. She spent a lot of time sorting presents. Meanwhile, Ian and his dad were making Christmas cookies for Santa. Later, Fiona, Hailey, Casey, and Ian put together a challenging (for some, anyway) puzzle. I interrupted some book time with Amelia and Fiona. Then Ian saw the fun and got into the act. Presents were opened. Here's Greg and Hailey admiring his new Christmas ornament. Ian was excited about his new Junior NPR tapes, and Fiona thought her new snow globe was just fine. Evan was delighted (and Ian envious) with his new Sgt. Rock action figure. At school this fall, Ian made a paper mache Black Skull. Fiona was pleased to show off her dress and slippers. Afer all the fun, Hailey unveiled her busche noelle (OK, I don't know how to spell it, but this looks fancy enough), and it was as good as it looks. After all the excitement, Tate was content to merely rest under his decorations.

Christmas morning, Fiona found socks in her Christmas stocking (beats sticks, I guess). Ian shows off his new turtleneck shirt. Laura seems happy with that new book. Ian got a few new clothes, including some camouflage pants and animal shirt. Then, as if one new outfit wasn't enough, here's Fiona with another, including matching rain boots.

In an after Christmas addendum, Greg shows off his Spiderman pajamas.

A few days later we are in Twentynine Palms where I took this superlative rainbow picture.