Christmas in Timber Cove

We headed to Timber Cove for Christmas on December 21, making a couple of stops along the way to look at Retirement homes in Davis and Santa Rosa. We met our friends Dick and MaryKay in Dixon while they were on their way to Carmel Valley. We also saw our friends George and Nancy in Santa Rosa and had a nice visit and Christmas party with them. We arrived in Timber Cove on the 23rd.

We got down to the serious business the next day, taking pictures of Sulwen. Here she is enjoying a little mid-morning snack while watching a video. In the afternoon Tanna, Stephen, and I took a walk in Stillwater Cove Park while Grammy and Sulwen had some time together. Even after a long walk, Stephen was energetic. (There will be more pictures from Stillwater in my next posting, hopefully in a few days.) Then it was time to open a "teaser" present. It was a kite, but unfortunately (for kite flying) it remained calm until well after Christmas. But that didn't cut into the joy of the moment, with either parent. Here is a wonderful shot (I might be prejudiced) of the three Drapkins. Just so Wicket doesn't get left out, Sulwen brought him in. Time for another snack. A little special attention was given to outfitting the Christmas tree with some candy canes. A little later we went Christmas carolling at the neighbors, and to our surprise, there was a special character there. Back home again the stockings were hung with care from the mantle. Then it's time for a short story before heading off to bed.

The next morning came early (as usual), but down the stairs she came. First stop was the easel. Then to see what Santa had left in the stockings. This personal fan with lighted blades was found to be of interest. Wooden spoons were also interesting. But the easel and painting really captured her attention. What a lot of stuff to mix and match. Now I know that about his time someone is saying, "wasn't Hailey Mama there?". Well, yes she was, and here's the first shot I took of her, looking ready to get into that stocking. Oh, this looks like an interesting photo album (it is, I did it myself with pictures taken by Hailey and myself for Halloween with Sulwen). Speaking of leaving things out, here at last is a picture of Tate delivering the Sweet Taters. Wicket is pretty interested in what is going on, too. After all that present opening, followed by lots of meal preparation, it is finally time for a Christmas toast. After too much to eat, a small hike to settle our dinners seemed to be the ticket. Too much walking on a full stomach is not good, though. An outside tree along the way was gaily decorated. A small tea party was a great finish to the Christmas Day festivities.

The next morning there was a sourdough pancake breakfast - what a way to celebrate the day after Christmas. Later that day we went to Sea Ranch to look at a house, and Sulwen took a ride on the bird house.

Sunday morning it was almost time for us to head for Green Valley, but first we took a walk around the circle with Sulwen. Along the way we saw this beautiful Amanita mushroom (but somewhat deadly, and Sulwen knows to only touch wild mushrooms with a stick). (Incidentally, there will be lots more mushroom shots in my next posting, coming soon, I hope). We also saw some wild iris, which Sulwen admired. A little later we headed down the coast toward a real highway, but stopped to take a few shots of the waves coming into shore across the rocks. It was a wonderful Christmas, and while sad to leave, were anxious to get on to our winter home in Green Valley (and now enjoying 70 degree days).

It would be remiss of me to neglect to mention that Sulwen's blog has a wonderful Animoto show with many interesting pictures and videos from the few days of Christmas in Timber Cove.