Catching up, first

There are a few (well, many actually) good pictures of Sulwen I have to get out for people to see. They cover much of the time since the first pictures I posted of Sulwen.

On 10-02-07 we got the following pictures from Tanna and Stephen.
Here's a grin, kind of
Here she is, ready for Hawaii
Sisters and Sulwen
Getting a little tummy time

Mid-October visit

Grammy and Sulwen
My nose tickles!
Ah, that's better
Happy camper with Grammy
Now for something completely different, we went on a hike at Gerstle Cove.
The beautiful coast
The beautiful clouds and sky
Moon and clouds
Then, back to the first order of business
Eyes for Grammy
Grandad gets into the act

In the meanwhile

On 11-05-07 we got these pictures from Tanna
Sulwen and the displaced Wicket
First Halloween

This one, taken on 11-10-07 is too good to leave out
Let's read, Dad

Thanksgiving in Maui with the Drapkin clan

Nanny loves Sulwen
Sulwen and Mom
Sulwen and cousins on the Drapkin side
Sulwen with Mom and Dad
Sulwen and the girl cousins
Fun with Dad

Pre Christmas Celebration

The second week of December we traveled to Timber Cove for an early Christmas with Sulwen, Tanna, and Stephen, and also Stephen's mother Nancy (Sulwen's Nanny). We all arrived while Sulwen and her parents and Hailey were out taking a hike at Gerstel Cove. But, we went in and made ourselves at home.
Nancy and Amelia
Some of the decorations
Angel on the mantel
A few of Sulwen's presents
Franke angel and mistletoe
Tough hike for a little girl
Time to read with Grammy
The Early Christmas dinner is being prepared
The table is ready
Nanny, Grammy, and Sulwen
Almost time for dinner - Sulwen's ready
Grandad cuts the shepherd's pie
Dinner finished, we take a little break for sunset beauty before opening the (pre)Christmas gifts. The first shot taken from a deck shows the reflection in the window of the sky and a beam of the house. The interesting thing is that the reflection of the beam allows the view through the window into the house and through another window to reveal the trees in that direction.
Reflections in a window
Sunset sky
Back to the Christmas part
Ready to open presents
Oh, that looks like a good one
Yes! It was a good one
Thank you, thank you
Happy Day
Aunty Hailey gets her turn
Look at my stocking
This is interesting stuff, Dad
More interesting stuff with Grammy
All right! This is a stocking!Ah Grandad, let's read
Go, Stanford
Who's interrupting my reading?
That's better
This is almost as good as reading
Yep, that's Christmas stocking worth having

We left the Timber Cove to return to Green Valley happy that we had shared in Sulwen's first Christmas, even though it was a couple of weeks early.

Just before Christmas

First day in jeans
Osh-Kosh overalls are great!
It's good being on Dad's shoulders
This is almost like a saddle. Can I have a horse?