Trip to Maryland and on to New England/Canada cruise

On 8/27 we flew from Medford to Reagan airport. Along the way we saw some nice clouds: Dramatic wind blown and just plain fluffy puffs.


Here we are getting loaded up for trip to Baltimore at the Maryland Franke house. From there we traveled to the Baltimore train station, and onto Amtrak, eventually arriving in New York at Grand Central Station. Then by "taxi" to the Hampton Inn in Brooklyn, where we had this view from our window. Evan got in touch with an old high school friend, Bill that he had kept in touch with over the years, and he joined us for dinner at Botte's that night. Back at the hotel we had nice views from our room, including the Empire State Building.


Got some amazing views from both our hotel room and from our balcony. We got on board around noon. Had a nice lunch in the buffet. Got started on my unlmited (almost) drinks.

Here are some views from our balcony:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • World Trade Center(1)
  • World Trade Center(2)
  • 9/1

    Newport today.
  • Sunrise this morning.
  • Three masted schooner at Newport.
  • Dessert, partly eaten


    This morning we were in the Boston Harbor.
  • Under the flight path for Logan Airport.
  • Desert 1
  • Desert 2
  • Desert 3
  • Desert 4
  • After dinner, Norwegian Pearl in the background.
  • 9/3

    In Bar Harbor here is the Norwegian Pearl with a tour boat. Here is the Caribbean Princess (our ship) from ashore. Our suite is on the deck above the lifeboats, a little to the right of the right of the space between them. Another sailing ship was docked here, I think it was a Windjammer with 4 masts. I suppose it could be a bark, but they seem to have 3 masts. We took a lighthouse boat tour, and saw lots of lighthouses, and other things.
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Yacht Chasseur
  • The wake behind our tour boat
  • Four
  • Five, not actually leaning
  • Young bald eagle on rocks
  • I took a video of the wake behind the tour boat, which I think is pretty spectacular. For some reason the sound doesn't seem to come through. Suffice to say, it is loud, and I can get the file to you another way, on request.


    The next morning we were in Saint Johns. Here the main attaction for me was to be the enormous tides in the Bay of Funday. They can be up to 50 feet, and sometimes reverse the flow of the Saint Johns River. Alas, the timing was such that we did not get to see that. This is the Saint Johns River where the tides sometimes reverse. Here's another view of the river. Got a picture of Evan and Laura and an unknown person. Bar Harbor isn't the only place along the coast to have a lighthouse - here is the St. Martins lighthouse near the village of St. Martins where we traveled to next. Here is one of the travelers with the tide out bay behind. Here's a better view of the bay, with the boats aground. Here was another traveler with grounded boats. Then back to see the Saint John River again, so here is the view as four hours later, and again, and then from a different angle.


    Today we docked in Halifax, where the main activity was a tour to Peggy's Cove. One attraction is (would you believe?) Peggy's Cove lighthouse. One of the more exciting sights was this Rock on a rock, or is it just rock on (I jest only slightly). More interesting was the Alpenhorn being tooted. A nice lady agreed to take our picture with (what else) the lighthouse in the background. Speaking of rocks at Peggy's Cove here are a few more (well pretty much in all diections). Not all rocks are jumbled around, as you can see in this cairn, or rocks on rocks on rocks. Oh! Maybe that is the Peggy's Cove monster (they do need a bit more to make the trip worthwhile).


    Coming into the dock in Sydney we saw this (what else?) lighthouse. We had a bit of a different adventure today. We rented a car, which Laura drove except for pickup and dropoff (thank you, Laura). We weren't sure where to go, and now that we've done it, next time we'll know in advance. One of those things you have to do once before you know what to do. Too many of those things these days! Oh well, still had a good time. We drove from Sydney to Bacceck. Along the way we saw an old house, the sign saying "Our Seaside House Decor". Then on then to Ingonish, and back to Sydney. It looked like the road went along the coast, but nope, this isn't California or Oregon. We did see some spectacular turnouts, though.
  • Maybe a pyracantha?
  • Apple tree
  • View from a pull out
  • Another pull out view
  • In the direction of an eagle but I missed it
  • Evan got it!
  • Evan got this one, too, an Osprey, I think
  • Bridge near North Sydney
  • Again
  • the fiddle in the harbor near our dock in Sydney
  • Big chairs, too
  • selfie from our balcony toward the fiddle
  • last shot of the day, guess what


    We arrived in Charlottetown Port today with this view, and this one as well. Took a tour around Prince Edward Island.. Very beautiful. Saw the home of a cousin of Lucy Maud Montgomery, probably similar to the one she was raised in. Well, may have been upgraded bit
  • farm along the way
  • field of corn
  • grave of Maud (her preferred name). It is by the two cone shaped bushes
  • Green Gables visitor center
  • coat rack, umbrella holder, clock in the visitor center
  • kitchen stove, including a smoker
  • Amelia, Anne, and Diana (bosom friend of Anne)
  • Model of Green Gables
  • Shoreline near Cavendish Beach
  • Lighthouse at Seacow Point
  • More shore
  • call this what you think it is
  • Osprey in a nest - (s)he was not amused at all the folks down below
  • Port Charlottetown with ship in the background
  • More visitors


    Today was a day at sea. North and east from PEI to the mouth of the St. Lawrence seaway, then West-Southwest up the Seaway. We had tea with one or two goodies


    This morning coming up the seaway we saw (through the early morning haze) Montmorency Falls. After docking I took a little walk in Quebec along the waterfront. I saw someone on the balcony of our ship. I thought I should get a better, shot so her is Amelia. They were having bicycle races, the Grand Prix Cycliste, going on and the streets were closed for the event while they went by. I noticed someone I knew. Here's Evan and Laura waiting till the bikers went by to cross the street.

    In view from our balcony is the Fairmont Le Chateau Fontenac. Also, The Fort Museum and Le Monastere de Augustines. For our last night on the ship we ate a "fancy" dinner. Some nice desserts:

  • Baked Alaska, no flame at the table
  • Sugar-free tapioca pudding
  • It has a name, abut what can one say after PECAN?
  • The happy foursome ater the last dinner aboard.
  • 9/10

    We were off the ship around 9:30, but waited in line for a long time before we could get a taxi. Finally did and got to our hotel. Lucked out - they gave us a suite. Large living room with couch, two easy chairs, TV, desk, 2 large end tables and a large ottoman. And a "kitchen" (no stove, but a microwave) and bedroom.

    Anyway, we hardly any time to enjoy (except that we got here and checked in early) since our flight out is at 6:12am. We were up before 3am, waited for our taxi. Woke up the desk clerk to see if he had actually ordered it. He had and called again. Eventually someone came.

    Some problems at the airport, but we adapted.